Hi, thanks for taking the time to check this FAQ article. 

We completely understand your frustration about the situation and really wish your print could have arrived in time. Unfortunately, you must understand that we have faced unprecedented delivery challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic which have affected our main shipping carrier's delivery capacities. As you probably now know, extreme restrictions have been put in place on DHL international packages by its own partners having as a direct consequence the return of thousands of shipments to their senders. We were part of these senders and like everyone, were caught by surprise as no prior warnings were issued. We worked tirelessly and continuously to find suitable alternatives in order to minimize delays for all our orders. We also provided free digital Star Map for all orders in order to allow you to at least have something concrete to show at Christmas. While our efforts helped the majority of our customers, they might not have been enough for your order and we deeply regret it. 

Before writing us regarding a delivery after Christmas, please keep in mind that you are still receiving your print and that we're all together against this pandemic. None of us wanted this to happen, trust us.

Now, we also completely understand that you feel your situation is particular and that you want to speak with someone. We'll be there to assist you. Every case will be evaluated individually and further investigations with our partner carriers might be needed. We then ask for your understanding as we will require more time to process your request and get back to you.

We thank you very much for your understanding in these circumstances.

The Star Poster team